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The Manchester Review is published by The University of Manchester’s Centre for New Writing, which was founded in September 2007. The Centre's teaching staff includes novelists Martin Amis, M.J. Hyland, Geoff Ryman and Ian McGuire and poets John McAuliffe and Vona Groarke, and it hosts a range of creative writing and contemporary literature programmes and the major event series Literature Live.

Edited by the Centre's co-director Dr Ian McGuire, the Review will nurture and promote the best emerging talent as well as featuring new work by leading writers and artists.

It will depart from the medium’s conventions by existing only online, with new issues appearing each spring and autumn. These will often include broadcasts of new music, public debates and video pieces, as well as visual art, fiction and poetry.

“Manchester and The University of Manchester were home to some of the UK’s most innovative twentieth century literary journals, including Brian Cox’s Critical Quarterly and Michael Schmidt’s PN Review," Ian says.

The Manchester Review takes its cue from their proactive promotion of new writing, but uses online media to show and sponsor the interplay of poetry, fiction, music, visual art and essays by new and established practitioners. We hope that it will find new readers and audiences for exciting and innovative creative work, which is steeped in traditional virtues.

“This will be accompanied by the Review’s lively critical blog, which will take the temperature of - and maybe sometimes set the agenda for – the contemporary arts in the UK and beyond.”

The Review's editorial team is:

Ian McGuire
John McAuliffe
Nick Murgatroyd
Ian Pople
JT Welsch
Jo Nightingale

The Review is published twice-yearly during Spring and Autumn.

We are grateful for the hard work and assistance of Matthew Hull, Charlie Cocksedge and Adam Gilmour (Manchester Review interns).

Enquiries should be directed to Ian McGuire

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Ian McGuire
The Manchester Review's editor Ian McGuire,
co-director of the Centre for New Writing.