The Manchester Review
Jeffrey Wainwright
Selections from The Reasoner
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I am I think indifferent to titles
but to be the Professor of Perspective,
how cool that would be!
The said Professor is said to have expired
crawling from his death-bed across the floor
towards the light as it split his shutter.
From the bed he would be in the middle ground,
the sun of course the vanishing point. Or could
the tumult of his sheets just be suggested
and he in the near foreground be reaching
towards where we spectators stand,
the light falling flat upon his face.
Given strength the Professor could have shuttled
among all such views as these, indeed chosen
every minute of the cardinal in turn to make a human view.
‘The Sun is God’ he cried, but only the sun
sees the death-bed and the cry and everything
in heaven and earth in one single plane.