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Issue 4: Two Poems, Chris Andrews

Issue 2: Two poems, Peter Armstrong

Issue 7: Two Poems, Paul Batchelor

Issue 1: Two poems, Josh Bell

Issue 5: Three poems, Ralph Black

Issue 6: Three poems, Don Bogen

Issue 3: Confessional, Jenny Bornholdt

Issue 7: Four Poems, Paddy Bushe

Issue 6: Exile, Kevin Cahill

Issue 2: Two poems, Anthony Caleshu

Issue 2: Two poems, Linda Chase

Issue 3: Four Poems, Averill Curdy

Issue 8: Two Poems, Gerald Dawe

Issue 5: Two poems, Jonty Driver

Issue 8: Three Poems, Paul Durcan

Issue 2: Four poems, Gerard Fanning

Issue 2: Wires, Elaine Feinstein

Issue 4: Profit and Loss, Leontia Flynn

Issue 5: Catullus, Leontia Flynn

Issue 1: Four poems, Tom French

Issue 2: Real Estate, Tom French

Issue 4: Three Poems, Daisy Fried

Issue 3: Two Poems, Alan Gillis

Issue 7: Senyon Izrailevitch Lipkin: Translations, Yvonne Green

Issue 1: Four poems, Vona Groarke

Issue 5: Three poems, Kerry Hardie

Issue 7: Three Poems, Rita Ann Higgins

Issue 6: Three poems, Anna Jackson

Issue 8: Four Poems, Andrew Jamison

Issue 3: Four Fables Set in The Shawnee Hills, Rodney Jones

Issue 8: Two Poems, Evan Jones

Issue 4: Two Poems, Dore Kiesselbach

Issue 7: Nudist Beach, Caleb Klaces

Issue 2: Two poems, Nick Laird

Issue 1: Two poems, Bill Manhire

Issue 4: Four Poems, Thomas McCarthy

Issue 1: Three poems, Medbh McGuckian

Issue 4: from Blue Guide, Patrick McGuinness

Issue 7: Hills -- after Apollinaire, Travis Mossotti

Issue 1: More Geese, Paul Muldoon

Issue 3: Two Poems, Vivek Narayanan

Issue 2: Two poems, Sean O'Brien

Issue 7: Two Poems, Sean O'Brien

Issue 8: Four Poems, Gregory O'Brien

Issue 2: Two poems, Conor O'Callaghan

Issue 6: Three poems, Bernard O'Donoghue

Issue 6: Four poems, Rebecca Perry

Issue 6: The Aerial Orchids, Ian Pople

Issue 3: Four Poems, John Redmond

Issue 3: Four Poems, Peter Sansom

Issue 7: A Matter of Strides, Tim Shea

Issue 5: from Sub Divo, Norm Sibum

Issue 5: Continual Visit, Peter Sirr

Issue 6: Two poems, Gerard Smyth

Issue 7: Four Poems, George Szirtes

Issue 5: Three poems, David Wagoner

Issue 7: Selections from The Reasoner, Jeffrey Wainwright

Issue 8: Selections from The Reasoner, Jeffrey Wainwright

Issue 7: Magician, Tom Warner

Issue 7: Being Mr Arndale, Rory Waterman

Issue 5: Four Poems, Laura Webb

Issue 5: Four Poems, J.T. Welsch

Issue 1: Four-letter words, Matthew Welton

Issue 3: Three Poems, David Wheatley

Issue 1: Poets, John Hartley Williams

Issue 5: Writers Writing Dying, CK Williams